Created by pioneers in the Tax Credit and Finance industries, the Platform brings Buyers and Sellers together via its patent-pending technology.

The secure and streamlined Marketplace is the business solution that eliminates barriers to access and inefficiencies in                                   the transaction process.                                                             

Finally, the full potential of Transferable Tax Credits on both sides of the transaction are met, allowing Tax Credit Programs to perform as they were intended.


A vision realized, the Marketplace provides greater access, opportunity, transparency, efficiency and security to the       Tax Credit transaction.

This Marketplace opens trading between Sellers and Buyers which has historically been limited to only a small group of industry participants. Its a win-win!
— Marc Palotay - S.V.P., Tax Incentives, Universal Studios
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peter C. loop, iI                                                                            Co-founder + CEO                                                           

A veteran executive of the film and financial industries, Peter helped pioneer the use of tax incentives to finance films in his home state of Louisiana. He founded eTax Credit Exchange to democratize the tax credit industry and to scale the business of trading tax credits for a wider range of industries.

Peter was appointed Film Commissioner for the state of Louisiana in 1997. In this role, he devised the state’s original Motion Picture Tax Incentive Program, a first-of- its-kind program that helped Louisiana quickly grow into one of the top film production destinations in the U.S. The success of this program has been modeled for a wider range of industries and influenced 23 other states to implement very similar tax incentive programs.

Peter began his career in investment banking and went on to apply this experience to his work in the film industry.

 Raelynn loop                                                                             Co-founder + CFO

As a veteran entertainment industry executive, Raelynn has helped guide the emergence of Louisiana as a film industry leader.

She is co-founder of Loop Garou Entertainment, a full-service film production company offering financing, producing, production services and tax credit brokering. Loop Garou Entertainment has traded more than $120 million in tax credits for Motion Picture, New Market and Historic tax credit projects. 

Raelynn began her career as a Producer and went on to launch Jimmy Kimmel Live, the first live, late-night television show for ABC. She continues to produce for the show when on location.

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