Easily Sell Your Available Tax Credits

Selling your Transferable Tax Credits has never been easier.                    You control all of your Selling parameters... 

Set a firm price per credit OR allow purchasers to bid and determine the amount of your minimum trade. 

Maximize your profits by adjusting your parameters anytime, in real time, on your Dashboard.

The Sellers Marketplace

On The Marketplace, you can easily and efficiently stay up-to-date with all of the market trends and pricing.

This real-time information allows you to remain competitive with the current supply and demand.


Screenshot 2017-10-04 15.50.51.png
  1. Your Dashboard provides at-a-glance information on all your pending, active and historic projects.
  2. Quickly add new Tax Credits for sale.
  3. Easily add Credits to an existing offering.
  4. Clearly see how many Tax Credits have sold, the average price you received, and the amount remaining on each of your projects.
  5. eTax Credit Exchange effects the transfer with the state on your behalf and all of your documents remain in your Dashboard.


Set a firm price OR allow purchasers to bid

  1. Enter basic information        about your offering.
  2. Set your asking price,              the number of Tax Credits available, and the  minimum purchase amount.

The transfer of tax credits has never been easier oR faster

  1.  Easily upload Certification   Letters.
  2.  Populate the Transfer Notice and banking information.