Find Available Tax Credits to Buy

Select the right Tax Credits for your needs using our global network of qualified Sellers.

    The Marketplace lists Transferable Tax Credits of any type, available in            multiple states, allowing Buyers to achieve an average savings of           10% to 15%.

I was able to buy tax credits for all my clients that needed them, and in one place. This is a game changer.
— J. Schwab, Financial Services

The Buyers Marketplace

On The Marketplace, you can easily and efficiently stay up-to-date with all of the market trends and pricing.

This real-time information allows you to to identify Sellers and Projects that           are a good fit for your needs.        

Our Process is Simple

1.  Search for available Transferable Tax Credits by state.

2. Easily identify Sellers and Projects that are a good fit for your needs.

3. Quickly determine which Sellers have a set price and which Sellers are        open to bids.

4. Purchase your Tax Credits OR place a bid.


finding credits is simple

Enter the amount you want to purchase and quickly determine your total savings. 

Instantly purchase at the Sellers price.

OR, place a bid to offer your own price.


Purchasing is Easy and Fast

The safe and secure Marketplace allows you to purchase Tax Credits in real time.

Choose your payment method, submit and realize your savings with efficient payment processes. 


tracking bids is effortless

Your Dashboard is a one-stop location to view your open and historical transactions.

Access your Purchase Agreements and Transfer Notices at any time.